When you're choosing a luxury sedan, station wagon, SUV, sports coupe, or convertible, you want to feel confident that you and your passengers are in the safest hands. The current lineup of Audi models, which are available at Audi Mission Viejo, offers some of the safest vehicles on the Southern California roadways. 

The Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, Q5, e-Tron, and Q8 have all been named Top Safety Pick Plus by the IIHS. With innovative technologies, such as the Audi pre sense 360°, adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist, and night vision assistant, you can drive with confidence. Here, we'll explain some of the standard and available safety features you'll find on our Audi models.

Audi Pre Sense 360°

The Audi Pre Sense 360° is a suite of collision avoidance features to help protect you and your passengers in the event of an impact. The system uses sensors around the vehicle to detect hazards and activate safety measures. It includes the following:

  • Audi pre sense basic.
  • Audi pre sense front and city.
  • Audi pre sense rear.
  • Audi pre sense side.

Audi Pre Sense Basic

Most of the Audi models in our extensive inventory come standard with Audi pre sense basic. This system helps protect passengers using sensors to identify critical driving conditions, such as skidding or harsh braking. It electronically pretensions the seat belts, optimizes the seat position, and automatically closes the windows and sunroof to reduce the danger to you and your passengers in the event of a collision. It also activates the hazard warning lights to alert other drivers. 

Audi Pre Sense Front and Pre Sense City

Also standard on many Audi vehicles, the pre sense front and pre sense city systems use data from the front sensors and the front camera to detect a potential frontal collision. Depending on your Audi model, the system warns you of an imminent collision with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. Forward collision warning acts in the following four stages:

  • It gives you audible and visual alerts.
  • It will apply light pressure on the brakes and vibrate the steering wheel.
  • If you don't respond, it applies more brake pressure, tightens the seat belts, closes the windows and sunroof, and activates the hazard lights.
  • If you still don't react, the brakes will be fully applied for an emergency stop.

During the first three stages, you can intervene by braking or steering away from the risk in front of your vehicle.

Audi Pre Sense Rear 

If your Audi is equipped with pre sense rear, sensors in the rear bumper monitor the area behind your vehicle for a potential rear-end impact from another vehicle. If a hazard is detected, you get warning signals, and the system activates similar safety precautions as the pre sense basic system. The system deactivates when you're towing a trailer.

Audi Pre Sense Side

Audi pre sense side is an extremely impressive addition to Audi's safety features. The system uses the cross-traffic warning sensors to monitor the sides of your vehicle for the threat of a side collision. It applies the same preventative measures as pre sense basic to protect the occupants. But that's not all.

In vehicles fitted with the available active suspension, the side of the impending collision automatically raises by up to 3.1 inches within half a second. This directs the force of the impact to the strongest area of the vehicle. Audi says raising the suspension reduces the forces acting on the passengers by up to 50% compared to a vehicle without raised suspension.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go

When equipped with adaptive cruise control (ACC), your Audi provides a more relaxed drive on long journeys and in heavy traffic. The system uses a front camera and sensors, along with automatic acceleration and braking, to keep to a preset distance from the vehicle in front. With the tiptronic and S tronic transmissions, you also get Stop&Go, which can automatically bring your car to a stop, and when the traffic ahead moves, resume driving.

Traffic Jam Assist

Working in conjunction with ACC in heavy traffic, the available traffic jam assist system can make slight steering adjustments to keep your Audi in its lane and clear of other vehicles. When the traffic clears, you must take control of the driving, but if you fail to do so, such as in a medical emergency, the system will issue several warnings and, if necessary, bring the car to a safe stop.

Active Lane Assist

At speeds above 40.4 mph, active lane assist uses a camera to track lane markings. If your Audi moves toward the lines when no turn signal is used, it will gently intervene to steer the car back into the center of the lane. 

Emergency Assist

Emergency assist monitors your steering input, and if the system detects no activity from you, it initiates emergency procedures. It will give audible and visual warnings and brake jolts to alert you. If you still don't respond, emergency assist activates the hazard warning lights to warn other drivers, brings the car to a stop, and engages the parking brake.

Night Vision Assist

With night vision assist, your Audi has a far infrared camera that detects the heat given off by people and animals at a distance of between around 33 ft and 295 ft. The humans or larger animals will be displayed in yellow on the instrument cluster. If they're directly in your path, you'll get an audible warning, and warning lights will appear on the dash and head-up display.

Exit Warning

When you park on the Mission Viejo streets, Audi's available exit warning detects approaching vehicles or cyclists. The system uses LED lights in the door panels to warn your passengers not to open the doors, along with the side assist LED lights in the mirror. In some models, the system also delays the opening of the electronic door locks.

To see these innovative safety features and more in action, contact us at Audi Mission Viejo today to schedule a test drive of one of the superb luxurious Audi vehicles in our inventory.

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