While the 2019 Audi A8 is one of Audi Mission Viejo's favorite model on our lot, we understand that not everyone has the same preferences or needs when it comes to cars. That's why we are more than happy to break down all of our favorite highlights and features of this vehicle to help you answer: Is the 2019 Audi A8 the right car for you??

Being one of the top-rated vehicles in the super luxury class, it's no surprise that the 2019 A8 is packed full of new technology that makes it one of a kind - feeling more like a day of relaxation than a commute on the road. Some of these highlights we're going to explore include:

  • Technological Features
  • Safety Highlights
  • Utility Features
  • Performance Capabilities
  • Popular Package Options

Technological Features of the 2019 A8

Massage Seats

Do you value comfort? The A8's seats come installed with full-back massagers in every seat for maximum relaxation while cruising down the road. Even more amazingly, back seat passengers can get a foot massage from a collapsible tray. With multiple modes, settings, AND heating, massage therapists better step up their game.
High-Tech Touch Controls

With large front and rear seat touch-screen infotainment controls, the A8 is perfect for those looking for a high-tech car of the future. Highly responsive, these tablet-like controls can also be used with handwriting and voice recognition. For families with multiple drivers, UI can even be customized based on profile preferences.
Ionizing Air System

Are you sensitive to dust, pollen, or other allergens? Maybe you just enjoy some fresh air? Audi knows many of us are, and all of us do, which is why they added an air ionizer to their airflow system. This adds negatively charged molecules to the cabin to help capture these particles and leave the cabin feeling and smelling fresh. Who knew a negative really could be so positive?
Four Zone Climate Control

Whether you prefer hot or cold, and whether your passengers agree with you, doesn't matter anymore. This is because of a finely tuned and optimized climate control system that can be adjusted specifically to all 4 seats at the same time. No more arguing over whether the air or the heater is on way too high or not - everyone is comfortable.

Safety Highlights of the 2019 A8

  • Audi Pre Sense® - warns you of dangerous situations in real time and initiates accident prevention techniques
  • Lane keep assist - tracks lane markings and nearby cars to make slight adjustments avoiding accidental drifting
  • Active air suspension - combined with Pre Sense®, the air suspension will lift itself in accidents to mitigate force
  • Top view 360° - overhead view of the A8 with the ability to zoom in, helping to alert for potential obstacles
  • Front and rear parking cameras

 Don't take any risks when choosing a car; always make sure you're protected! No matter how many cool features a car may have, the safety of you and your family is #1. Choose carefully. Choose Audi.

Utility Features of the 2019 A8

Panoramic Sunroof

  • Clearly lets in sun and star light to create an open comfortable space
  • Large enough for front seat and rear passengers to enjoy
  • UV and heat resistant for protection and comfort
  • Opens to let in fresh air and a breeze
Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound

With 23 speakers and up to 1920 watts of sound, Bang and Olufson 3D sound is the best of the best when it comes to sound systems. Period. Staying crystal clear even when blaring loud, this audio system is an audiophile's dream. Listening to an album in the Audi A8 is the next best thing to standing in the middle of the band while they record it.
myAudi App
In a world of increasing connectivity, the 2019 A8 is compatible with Audi's newest app, myAudi, available for smartphones.
  • Locate your vehicle
  • Check fuel level
  • Find out if windows or lights were left up and off
  • Give temporary access of your A8 to other verified app owners
  • And more!
Matrix LED Reading Lights

Do you ever have to get work done on the road? Maybe your kids or grandchildren need to do homework in the backseat? The 2019 A8 comes equipped with bright Matrix LED reading lights that are completely adjustable to reach every spot in the backseat - leaving nothing in the dark.

Performance of the 2019 A8

To compensate for the 2019 A8's heavy weight due to being a large-sized sedan carrying a massive luxurious interior, Audi has equipped the A8 with a turbocharged V6 engine. While not the most powerful car on the market, it certainly does not feel lacking at all, accelerating quickly to speeds needed to overtake other cars. You'll be sure to appreciate how quietly it does so as well, letting no engine or outside noises into the cabin with you; allowing you to focus on your first class experience. Perfect for those who appreciate a bit of quiet and relaxation.

  • 335 horsepower
  • 369 lb-ft torque
  • 19 MPG City / 27 MPG Hwy
  • 5.6 seconds 0-60 MPH

Most Popular Package Options

 Executive Package
Audi Pre Sense®, Top View 360° Camera, Multi-contour comfort front seats, Phone box w/ wireless charging and signal booster, Chrome exterior, and more.
Rear Seat Comfort Package
Heated rear seat with footrest and foot massage, Rear comfort headrests, Matrix LED reading lights, Rear safety package, Smart remote control, and more.
Luxury Package
Premium air quality - ionizer &
fragrance, Multi-color interior
ambient lighting, Aluminum optic buttons, Extended leather package,
Is the 2019 A8 the Right Car for You?

If you are someone who appreciates style, technology, class, and comfort in a vehicle, then it's likely that you do appreciate the 2019 A8 as much as we do. If you are an Orange County resident, we invite you to come down to Audi Mission Viejo to check out our great inventory of all new 2019 Audi A8s by clicking here or contact us for any questions you may have.

While you're here, you can also check out our inventory of other beautiful new Audi vehicles as well as our large inventory of used vehicles of all makes.