The 2019 Audi e tron SUV is finally here after a much anticipated wait, and pre-orders have begun to ship out to patient customers around the world while others are slowly becoming available to those who missed out on reserving a spot.

Now that we have finally gotten a chance to get behind the wheel of this fully electric beast ourselves, Audi Mission Viejo is so excited to be able to share some of our favorite features and highlights of the 2019 Audi e tron SUV!

Read on to find out more about the 2019 Audi e tron:

  • Performance specifications
  • Technology features
  • Interior highlights
  • Safety and driver assistance features
  • Package options
"There are electric cars, and then there are electric luxury SUVs... Now you can add the 2019 Audi e-tron to that short but growing list."
- Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing at


Top Notch Charging Capabilities: up to 54 MILES on 10 MINUTES of charging

Regenerative Braking: the e tron charges itself while braking - maximizing battery efficiency

Massive Charging Network: +16,000 (and constantly growing) charging stations support any itinerary 

0-60 MPH Time
5.5 seconds
 Horsepower402 HP
 Torque490 lb-ft
Quattro AWD
Thanks to the low-mounted battery pack, the 2019 e-tron's center of gravity is lower than a typical SUV. As a result, it handles more like a sport sedan, with little body roll and entertaining levels of grip.

 Amazon Alexa
Manage your life on the go with in-car Amazon Alexa integration. Control your Alexa-enabled devices, access Amazon music and more.

 Traffic Jam Assist
Tired of SoCal stop and go traffic? The e tron's traffic jam assist uses sensors to take over steering and keep you going with the flow of traffic.
Audi Virtual Cockpit

A high-tech customizable display shows all of the car information you need along with navigation, and media - all in HD.
Heads Up Display (HUD)

Going hand-in-hand with the virtual cockpit, the HUD projects information such as current speed, speed limits, and partial navigation to the corner of your windshield.

Never take your eyes off the road again



"The e-tron's most impressive technology is its electrified systems, but the five-seat crossover also has a tech-laden cabin and numerous driver-assistance features."

  • Much like the Q-Series, the e tron is high tech - resembling a cockpit
  • Tight insulation allows a silent drive and conserves heat and AC comfort
  • Ample cabin space allows front and rear passengers comfort and storage


 Audi Pre Sense
Pre Sense keeps you and your loved ones safe - always. Using sensors and cameras, the e tron will warn you of detected collisions and perform correct maneuvers if necessary.
 Audi Active Lane Assist
Active lane assist can pick up unintentional lane drifting and will make slight corrections to keep you on track.

The Audi e tron has your back.

360° Camera
Have you ever dinged your car while getting in/out of a tight spot? Not anymore thanks to the e tron's many cameras and sensors surrounding the body of the car that give you a 360° view to let you know if you'll make it.
 Traffic Sign Recognition
The e tron detects traffic signs and will display information for you on the virtual cockpit.

We've all been caught off guard by changing speed limits, or worse yet pulled over, but now you can always know!