Audi battery service in Mission Viejo

At our Audi dealership in Mission Viejo we encourage Audi owners to bring their vehicles in for routine maintenance. Some components, like your car battery, often show no warning signs before they stop working which is why preventative care is the best care.

Do You Need a New Battery?

Your battery is integral to giving your car the juice it needs, but it won't always give warning signs before running flat. Keep an eye out for these indicators:

Weak Crank: If you turn the key and your engine won't start at all, your battery is one of the most common culprits. Prior to this, though, you may notice your engine cranking more weakly than usual; this could be a sign that your battery is reaching the end of its life.

Dashboard Lights: A weak or dead battery should trigger the check engine or battery warning light on your dashboard. We suggest also getting acquainted with where your battery typically reads on your dashboard meter, that way you can notice if things change unexpectedly.

Leaking: If the terminals of your battery are building up corrosion, they need to be cleaned for proper operation. Otherwise, the battery may fail to provide the spark that your car needs.

Why Visit Our Audi Service Center

At our Mission Viejo service center, we're committed to putting our customers first. That's why we employ some of the nation's top-ranked Audi technicians!

Our service center was also recently honored with the Audi Magna Society Award, which is an indication of our outstanding commitment to exceeding customer service objectives.

Service Reviews

"Audi Mission Viejo service is outstanding, Denny Dong is friendly, knowledgeable and always keeps me in the loop on my service needs. I will not take my cars anywhere else, I have been a customer of Audi Mission Viejo for almost ten years, I trust the service department." - User

If you'd like our service technicians to test your battery or install a new one, contact our Mission Viejo service center at (949) 429-0166 to schedule a service appointment today!

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