Audi S4 Maintenance Schedule

Orange County Audi S4 maintenance

Engine Oil & Oil FilterEvery 10,000 miles
Brake FluidEvery 2 years
Spark PlugsEvery 6 years or 35,000 miles
Brake SystemInspect every 5,000 miles
BatteryInspect every 20,000 miles
Tire RotationEvery 10,000 miles
Tire ReplacementCheck every 30,000 miles

Routine maintenance is a necessity when you drive a vehicle as powerful and graceful as an Audi S4. It helps you enjoy the pulse-pounding performance and thrilling drive that this luxury sedan offers for much longer. You may only take it out for weekend drives, or it may be your everyday vehicle, but no matter what, you should stay up to date with the maintenance schedule provided by Audi for your S4. Bring your S4 into the Audi service center at Walter's Audi next time you have to get some routine maintenance.

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