If 2019 has shown us anything about the automotive industry, it's that the future is definitely going to be electric. Audi released their first fully electric vehicle, the e-tron SUV, along with many other manufacturers - and most have expressed the intent to continue design and production in the future.

This is an extremely exciting time for manufacturers and customers alike, and everyone is looking to see what the competition is up to. This is why it is only natural to look at Tesla as a benchmark - having released their first model over a decade ago in 2008.

What people don't realize and SHOULD know is that there are very important differences between the e-tron's and Tesla's battery and driving range which makes the e-tron much better than what it seems on paper.

1) The Audi e tron uses 88% of its battery capacity
At first thought, this sounds like a bad thing - almost as if the e tron is not utilizing its full potential. This is NOT true, however, because batteries naturally degrade over time due to overcharging and extended use.

With the e tron dedicating 12% capacity to preserving its longevity and health, the e tron's battery will last far longer than Tesla's over time.

This also means that over time, the Tesla's range will decrease more with each charge - coming closer to the e tron's range.

2) The e tron charges much more efficiently than the Model 3

The Audi e tron can charge with up to a 150 kW current while the Tesla Model 3 can reach 200 kW. Even with this fact, the Audi e tron can maintain a high rate of charge for much longer than the Tesla.

Charging efficiency has a negative curve over time - with batteries not receiving as much power as time goes on. These yields are not equal however.

By the time the e tron gets to 80% charge, it is still charging at an impressive 125 kW. When the Model 3 is at 80% charge, it is only charging at a rate of 53 kW. This difference only gets larger once passing 80%.
3) The e tron is much heavier with a more spacious interior

While the Tesla Model X is no small car by any means, the Audi e tron is much more focused on being a luxury SUV with plenty of space for passengers and convenience features.

Because of this, the e tron is 600 lbs heavier - which is a lot of weight to be pulling around. This extra weight is due to the e tron having more space and convenience luxury features. This extra weight and size also leads to the e tron being a much safer electric vehicle.


When comparing the two, it is no secret that the Tesla Model X has a farther driving range per charge than the Audi e tron. But because 98% of drives are under 50 miles, we really don't think that matters.

What we think DOES matter, is that those drives are as comfortable, luxurious, and efficient as possible. What's the use of a high capacity battery when you might only max it out on a single trip a couple of times? And Is it really worth sacrificing your car battery's health?

Audi knows that it's about the journey, and not destination - so we will get you there in style. But we also know that it's all about a long lasting battery that can get you to that destination over, and over, and over again. In style.