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Audi Tire Department in Mission Viejo, CA

At Audi Mission Viejo, we operate an Audi tire center providing local Audi owners with new tire sales and routine maintenance services according to certified quality.

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Audi Tire Center in Mission Viejo, CA

Audi is a luxury automaker known for engineering vehicles with an extraordinary driving experience defined by sporty handling with smooth riding. Much of Audi’s exceptional driving experience involves excellent tires receiving routine maintenance. But who can local Audi owners trust where the rubber meets the road? At Audi Mission Viejo, we operate an Audi tire center providing local Audi owners with new tire sales and routine maintenance services according to certified quality. We employ certified technicians and stock a wide selection of OEM tires. Contact us for all of your vehicle’s tire needs at Audi Mission Viejo.

Types of Tire Services Offered

We offer a variety of tire services at our service center in Mission Viejo, California. Tire care and maintenance can extend the life of your tires, improve your vehicle's performance, and ensure your safety on the Orange County roadways. Here are some of the tire services we offer at Audi Mission Viejo:

Tire Rotation

Tires are a vehicle's first and only component to make contact with the road, so it makes sense that they wear over time. However, since each tire on your vehicle serves a different purpose, they usually wear at uneven rates. Routine tire rotations help your tires wear more evenly so they can continue to perform optimally and provide stable, controlled handling. Routine tire rotations can also extend the life span of your tires so you can go longer with having to replace them.

When you bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation at Audi Mission Viejo, our factory-trained and certified technicians will move the tires on your Audi vehicle to a new position. We know the correct positions to ensure the tires wear evenly and maintain an even tread depth. At Audi Mission Viejo, we also perform a complimentary multipoint inspection with each tire rotation, so you can feel confident about your vehicle's performance.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing adjusts an uneven balance between the tires and the wheels. When they're unbalanced, you'll likely notice vibrations as you drive, particularly in the steering wheel or seats. If you notice this type of vibration, bring your vehicle to Audi Mission Viejo for tire balancing. You can also have the tires balanced as part of scheduled maintenance to minimize wear.

During tire balancing, our technicians mount the tires and wheels on a machine to identify the imbalance. Then, they adjust the tire weights to create the correct balance between the tires and wheels. This service can lead to a smoother, safer ride.

Tire Patch

It's a common inconvenience: You're driving down the road and hit a nail, rock, or other debris, puncturing the tire. While you may believe you can plug the hole yourself, this option can cause further damage to the tire down the road, eventually costing you more money. Instead, bring your vehicle to Audi Mission Viejo, where our technicians will thoroughly inspect the tire and patch it according to industry-recognized standards. A tire patch is the most effective way to repair a tire, and you can have peace of mind knowing it's safe to drive on it again.

Tire Replacement

Audi vehicles are known for their reliability, and many Audi owners drive their cars for years. For this reason, it's likely you will need to replace the tires at some point. It's important to replace your tires before they wear down completely so you don't find yourself in an unsafe situation on the road. Replacing your tires can also improve your vehicle's handling, performance, and fuel efficiency.

At Audi Mission Viejo, we'll help you choose the right tires when it's time for a replacement. We carry a wide selection of high-quality tires designed to fit your Audi exactly. Our certified technicians will handle the replacement for you to make sure the tires are fitted correctly. This quick, efficient process will have you back on the road in no time.

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New Tire Sales

Driving an Audi long enough eventually leads owners to need new tires. Whether you need a single tire to replace one that’s damaged or a complete set, we are a premier opportunity for a wide selection of OEM tires in the expected tread style selection manufactured by famous brands. Many Audi owners use the online tire shopping tool to browse the available OEM tires for specific models, place new tire orders, and schedule replacement services at Audi Mission Viejo.

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Audi owners can stop by the Audi Express Service department for tire inspections, balance, and rotation. Schedule more involved tire services online at your convenience or by phone during open hours.

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