Tire Rotation

Audi Tire Rotation Service in Mission Viejo, CA

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Audi Tire Rotation Service

Audi Tire Rotation Service in Mission Viejo

Audi is a world-famous luxury automaker that consistently engineers vehicles with an exceptional driving experience. Much of Audi’s luxurious handling, riding comfort, and safety involves well-maintained tires. Every Audi needs tire rotations at the recommended interval for the best results. We have certified technicians to provide the service quickly and conveniently at the Audi Express Service department. Continue reading about the importance of routine tire rotations and contact us for service at Audi Mission Viejo, near Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente, CA.

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Tire Rotation Maintenance Explained

Understanding the importance of tire rotation maintenance begins with understanding vehicle load-bearing and treadwear tendencies. Front tires handle an additional load due to the engine’s weight on the front axle and steering/turning forces. The extra weight and road forces cause the front tires to wear faster than the rear. Tire rotation mitigates rapid wear by repositioning tires according to the certified rotation pattern at specific intervals. Each tire handles the same forces after 3 rotations, encouraging even tread wear, smoother handling, and extended life.

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What Happens Without Tire Rotations?

Driving beyond the recommended tire rotation interval or otherwise neglecting tire rotation service altogether exposes your Audi to the risks associated with rapid tread wear and tire damage. Tires with rapid wear will not spin with weight balanced across the assembly, leading to vibrations that wreak havoc on your driving experience and suspension. The tires will eventually wear down to risk safety as they might not hold air pressure properly. Prevent these driving consequences by scheduling tire rotation service as recommended in the Audi owner’s manual.


Audi-Certified Tire Rotation Service Overview

Service begins as a certified technician removes the wheel assemblies and inspects the tires. Tire inspection includes checking for rapid wear, sidewall and valve damage, tread depth, and air pressures. We recommend wheel balancing service alongside rotations due to expected tread wear-causing imbalances. We reposition the tires according to the approved rotation diagram at the model-specific lug nut torque.

Tire Rotation Service

Schedule Tire Rotation Service at Audi Mission Viejo

Customers can visit the Audi Express Service department for tire rotation service without an appointment. Customers who prefer scheduling tire rotations can call us by phone during regular hours or use the online appointment scheduler at your convenience.


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